Airlines Suspend Flights to Tel Aviv Amid Conflict with Hamas


Several major airlines have canceled flights to Tel Aviv following attacks by the Hamas group on Israel. American Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Emirates, and Ryanair are among the carriers that have temporarily halted flights to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. However, Eilat Airport, Israel’s second international airport, remains open.

Israeli airline El Al continues to operate flights in and out of Tel Aviv, particularly from Terminal 3, in compliance with Israeli security instructions.

El Al spokespersons mentioned that they may cancel flights to destinations with fewer Israeli passengers to assist Israeli citizens elsewhere.

Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines Cancel Flights to Tel Aviv

Lufthansa spokespersons confirmed the cancellation of all flights to and from Tel Aviv, including those scheduled for Monday. They stated that they would monitor the situation and provide further updates.

Brussels Airlines, part of the Lufthansa Group, also canceled flights to Tel Aviv.

Air France and Transavia Take Similar Action

Air France has halted flights to and from Tel Aviv until further notice, while Transavia has canceled flights from Paris and Lyon to Tel Aviv, including those scheduled for Monday.

Other Airlines Join the Suspension

Iberia Express, a subsidiary of Iberia, has canceled its flights to Tel Aviv. ITA, an Italian airline, suspended flights at least until Sunday morning to protect passengers and crew.

Aegean, Swiss, Austrian Airlines, Wizz Air, and Air Canada are also reported to have suspended flights to Tel Aviv.

Escalating Conflict

Israel has launched air strikes on Gaza, resulting in over 300 casualties. In Gaza, 232 people have reportedly died, and 1,697 others have been injured. Clashes continue between Hamas militants and the Israeli military in several areas.

There have also been reports of Hamas militants taking Israeli citizens hostage, although the number of hostages is unspecified.