Unlocking Hanabi Potential: The Ultimate Build for Mobile Legends

Today, we’re going to talk about how to make the strongest build for Hanabi. We all know that Hanabi is known for being the worst shooter in Mobile Legends, but guess what? You can turn this hero who seems weak into a powerhouse if you give them the right build.

It’s worth the trouble to take on Hanabi’s tricky attributes.

Let’s face it: Hanabi’s skills aren’t as easy to use as those of other marksmen. She doesn’t have a dash skill, so she mostly uses basic moves. She’s also one of those heroes who can’t get away easily once they get caught. That’s why you won’t find Hanabi in the top levels of professional play or ranked play. She likes heroes that are Legend-level or lower.

But, and this is a big but, Hanabi is still alive. The most important thing is to find the best build for Hanabi and learn how to play her.

Important Hints for Playing the Hero: Use Your Teamfighting Skills

Knowing how to use Hanabi as a teamfight hero is the most important part of playing her. When she hits close, her basic attacks that bounce around do a lot of damage. Her unique way of playing can catch foes off guard, even though she doesn’t have the flashy dash skills of other marksmen.

Her Skill 2 makes things even more chaotic by dealing extra damage when hit, which is very useful for chasing down enemies who are hiding behind their tanks. Yes, if you play Hanabi right, it can be very dangerous.

But there is a catch: you need to be patient. To really use Hanabi, you need to know at least two things about it. Not just a simple “bam, bam, thank you, ma’am” case. You need to figure out how to boost her.

Using Skill 1 correctly is another thing that changes the game. It can turn the tide of fight in your favor with its shield and immunity. In the heat of the battle, you need to master this skill in order to stay alive and do well.

How to Make the Deadliest Setup: The Art of Building Hanabi

As promised, let us talk about Hanabi’s main skill: the build that turns him from a weak shooter into a powerful opponent.

Swift Boots: To speed up her attacks, start with Swift Boots. This is very important for Hanabi because it helps her get the most out of her bouncing attacks and do more damage generally.

Next, get a Bloodlust Axe. It’s important for Hanabi’s health in teamfights because it gives her spell vamp. The longer she stays in the game, the more heals she can do during fights.

Endless Battle: The Endless Battle has begun. The physical attack of this item gets a big boost, and it also does more damage and steals more life after using a skill. Just right for Hanabi’s skill change.

Wind of Nature: To make her more likely to survive, add Wind of Nature to the mix. This cool item gives her a shield and protection, which helps her avoid attacks and turn the TOGELASIABET tables when it matters most.

Blade of Despair: Buy a Blade of Despair as the game goes on. Her basic moves are stronger, especially against enemies who are already weak, thanks to the extra physical attack and the passive effect.

Berry’s Fury: Use Berry’s Fury to finish the build. Hanabi’s critical damage goes up with this item, which makes her basic moves even more dangerous.

Hanabi is a real pain now that the secret spell is out.

And now for the secret sauce: Purify is the spell that can make Hanabi even more annoying. This spell gets rid of all crowd control effects, which makes Hanabi less exposed and harder for enemies to catch.

That’s all there is to it: the complete guide to making the most powerful Hanabi build. You can turn this hero, who is thought to be weak, into an OP force on the battlefield with the right items and some time. It’s time to get busy and show them how strong Hanabi is!